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[Nearly three weeks he’s spent in Luceti, and in that time, the war back home has been a constant concern on his mind. While his roles here may not matter, it’s a mentality he can’t entirely escape. Especially considering just how many from his world are here. So, with a Kazekage mentality, he opens his journal and fiddles with it until he’s figured out the video selection. Maybe one day he'll realize there's a filter option.]

To those of you who recognize me as Kazekage, I would like to address you.

[And he’ll pause for just a moment.]

I’m aware that our memories from home vary, but I believe everyone is familiar with the war that the Shinobi Alliance was currently engaged in. I cannot say that have been victorious yet, but I have faith in our abilities and our strength.

If you are curious as to the details I have before I arrived here, I will answer any questions I can. But I did want to share one thing with everyone here.

The past Hokage have arrived to support our efforts in battle, and I had the privilege of hearing the Shodai Hokage. He made a plea to all of us to bring his dreams to fruition, to bring together our pain, our sufferings, and our discouragement, to show him his dream of a time when all shinobi cooperate with each other, where their hearts are together regardless of country.

It was a proud moment when we could show him that dream come true.

I would like to believe that those effects, the promises and alliances made in such a time of trial and tribulation will not end when the threat does. And while we are far from home and that war now, as Kazekage, as Gaara of the Desert, as your friend and ally, I still hold to those beliefs and while I am here, I will protect and help in any way I am capable.

For the weeks, months, and years that have passed for some of you here, as distant a memory as the war may be in your thoughts, keep the promises and hope of it close to you.

[Having taken care of Kazekage business, he still has one more role he feels he needs to fulfill. That of a worried little brother with a sick sister. So a few moments after his speech, he adds a written note for everyone.]

For anyone with the knowledge, I would appreciate any information regarding the care of the physically ill. Methods, medications, proper foods.

Also, for possible future reference, how to properly deal with cuts and minor injuries that don’t require a medic nin or use of …white magic.
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[Naruto has some really great friends...

If only the shinobi world didn't come together because they HAD to, to beat an enemy. If only it was a natural thing.

But beggars can't be choosers.]

And we'll protect and help you, too.
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[He gets a smile right back, though she feels a little awkward being thanked for something he obviously deserves in return--]

You don't need to thank me.

[--Until she remembers the other part of his message.]

Whoever is sick that you're taking care of needs plenty of rest and fluids, like tea or water. Hopefully it's just a common cold, they happen a lot in this kind of weather. Make sure they have lots of blankets and they stay warm. It's good to just eat simple things like chicken broth or crackers. Starving will just make things worse even if they don't have an appetite. You should make sure they eat something. If it's a flu and not a cold, heavy things will just upset their stomach even more.

A cool towel for a flu on the forehead always helps. Make sure the room isn't too stuffy or they'll just overheat. Oh, and a box of tissues always helps and a garbage pail nearby.
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[Her lips quirk in a bit of amusement.]

You probably don't want a bunch of used tissues lying around. Plus, it saves a trip of getting up from the bed. But they're good to have just in case an accident happens.

There should be medicine at the convenience store too, stuff to help with headaches and small pains like that. They'll be just fine in a week or so, depending on how bad it is.

If you need anything, let me know. I've got everything here, just in case.
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She doesn't know it off the top of her head. It's some long and ridiculous name probably. Minato would know... he likes the long names.]

It does, it's... [Man, she is drawing a blank.]

Hold on. [Have a view of Kushina walking through the house quickly and finding the medicine cabinet.]
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[Even if he can't see because he's getting a tour of the house, she blinks in confusion at his apology.]

Hey, it's nothing. I said I would help you like you offered to help us. We're friends and allies.

[It's only a little walking through the house and feeling a bit embarrassed she can't tell him the name of the medicine. There's a bit of clatter as she goes through the cabinet and then holds it up a small bottle for Gaara to see the name. It's like aspirin or something equivalent here in Luceti]

Here it is.

[She moves to read the back label.]

'Take tablet orally for aches and pains. Do not exceed the maximum dosage within an eight hour time period.' I'd just give her one and make sure she takes it with water. It's easy to choke on these little things. They get caught in your throat.

[The bottle is shook a little before she puts it back.]
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[She pauses.]

Not really. Though it is the sick season. It would be irresponsible of me as a mother not to have something to take care of Naruto or if his friends need some help.
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[Concern appears on her face.]

Is your friend really sick?
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[Ah, yes, that would be pretty disorienting.

Poor guy. No wonder he had no idea what to do and was asking for help.

She gives him a encouraging smile.]

It'll be okay. Just check her temperature every now and then and make sure she's comfortable.
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No problem.

Make sure you don't get sick either.
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[It hadn't for her either, and she knew why. She was a vessel and that massive chakra infected anything but she had no idea Gaara had been one too.]

This is the time for it to be, I guess. With the snow and cold.
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[It would be now with Kushina (and Temari) here]

Yeah, me either. Konoha doesn't snow much. Whirlpool didn't really either, I think because we were so close to the ocean.
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Re: video

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[Old habits make her tense a little. After being called an outsider for so long, she's built up defensive attitude.]

No, I was born in Whirlpool. I moved to Konoha when I was very young.
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Re: video

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[For a young girl with no friends, it was the hardest thing to deal with at first. Before she was told she was going to become a vessel to the Kyuubi and that was her purpose for moving.

She blushes, rubbing the back of her head distractedly and how the topic has shifted to her]

I definitely didn't make it easier on myself. I fought anyone that picked on me and after just moving there I said I was going to become the first female Hokage when I was introduced to my classmates. The boys didn't like that too much.

Re: video

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